Dr. Allan N. Schore

Curriculum Vitae

Presentations by Year

2010 Presentations

University of Notre Dame

Conference, Human Nature and Early Experience: Addressing the "Environment of Evolutionary Adaptiveness."
Address, "Emotion development in infancy."

Notre Dame, IN

October 2010


Alaska Psychological Association

Two day workshop, The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy.

Anchorage, AK

July 2010


Conference, The Therapeutic Action of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Current Concepts of Cure

Address, "Advances in regulation theory: An interpersonal-neurobiological model of psychotherapeutic change."

Boston, MA

April 2010


NYU Silver School of Social Work

All-day workshop with Dr. Judith Schore: "Modern Attachment Theory: Implications of the Integration of Affect Regulation, Neuroscience, and Developmental Psychoanalysis for Clinicians."

New York, NY

April 2010

UCLA Lifespan Conference, The Wholeness of Mind, Brain, Body, and Human-Relatedness

Address, "Therapeutic enactments: working in the right brain window of affect tolerance." Commentary on video with Pat Ogden and Phillip Bromberg (on tape) - Safe But Not Too Safe: "The Inevitability of Therapeutic Enactments in Attachment-Oriented Psychotherapy."

Los Angeles, CA

March 2010


1st International Conference, Pediatric Psychological Trauma in Infants and Young Children from Illness, Injury and Medical Intervention, University of Southern California

Address, "Neurobiological development of young children: Neuroscience and early trauma."

Los Angeles, CA

February 2010