Dr. Allan N. Schore

Curriculum Vitae

Presentations by Year

2005 Presentations

UCLA/San Fernando Valley Psychiatry Training Program, Veterans Administration Hospital

Academic year-long seminar on the integration of attachment theory, psychoanalysis, neurobiology, and clinical psychiatry to third year psychiatric residents.

Sepulveda, CA

Jan – Jun 2005

University of California at Los Angeles Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Invited Lecture to course on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: “Affect regulation and the repair of the self.”

Los Angeles, CA

January 2005

International Society for the Study of Dissociation Conference, “The Dissociative Self: Integrating Neuroscience and Clinical Practice. Mind and Body in the Treatment of Psychological Trauma,”

Co-Presenter with Richard Chefelz, M.D. “The origins of the dissociative self: Enduring impact of early attachment trauma on the developing right brain”

Torrance, CA

February 2005

12th Annual Florida Symposia, New England Educational Institute

Week-long Program “Affect regulation and the repair of the self”

Marco Island, FL

February 2005

American Neuropsychiatric Association, 2005 Annual Meeting, Sheraton Bal Harbor Resort

Co-Presenter, ANPA Scientific Program Committee Symposium, the Neuropsychiatry of Personality and its Disorders. “The roles of disorganized attachment, affect dysregulation, and right brain development in the etiology of borderline personality disorder.

Miami, FL

February 2005

4th Annual Attachment Conference, “How people Change: How Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Changes the Mind, the Brain, and the Body.” UCLA Extension and Lifespan Learning, Sponsors, University of California at Los Angeles

Co-presenter with Dan Stern M.D., Berry Brazelton, M.D., Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Ph.D., Daniel Siegel, M.D., Alexander Morgan, M.D., Jeremy Nahum, M.D., Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, Ph.D., and James Grotstein, M.D.Address, “Changes in mind, brain, and body in various psychotherapeutic contexts”

Los Angeles, CA

March 2005

UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Invited presentation, “Elephant breakdown: Enduring impact of early social trauma on animals and humans”

Los Angeles, CA

April 2005

The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis and The Denver Psychoanalytic Society

Ninth Rene Spitz Memorial Lecture One Day Symposium, “Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self.”

Denver, CO

May 2005

Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research

Invited Address, "The roles of disorganized attachment, affect dysregulation and right brain development in the etiology of borderline personality disorder.”

Boulder, CO

May 2005

University of Western Ontario and Imaging Laboratories, Robarts Research Institute, London

Grand Rounds, “The roles of attachment trauma and early brain development in the etiology of borderline personality disorder”

London, Ontario, Canada

May 2005

Harvard Medical School and the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, Conference, “Attachment and Related Disorders,”

Boston, MA

May 2005

Ventura County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Conference, “The Effect of Trauma and Attachment Upon the Brain: Integrating Neuroscience and Clinical Practice,”

Co-presenter with Linda Chapman, Ph.D. One Day Workshop, "The right hemisphere is dominant in clinical work: implications of recent neuroscience, attachment theory, and traumatology for psychotherapists."

Ventura, CA

May 2005

Spanish Society of Psychotraumatology and Traumatic Stress Annual Meeting

Two Day Workshop, “Critical role of the right hemisphere in traumatic attachment, PTSD, and psychotherapeutic treatment.”

Madrid, Spain

May 2005

Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

Two Day Workshop, “Recent advances in neuroscience and attachment theory: Relevance to prenatal, perinatal, and somatic psychology.”

Santa Barbara, CA

July 2005

The “Elephants Alive” Workshop, University of Witwatersrand

Invited co-presentation with Gay Bradshaw, Ph.D., “Implications from neurosciences for conservation biology and elephant culling.”

Johannesburg, South Africa

July 2005

26th Annual Association for Avian Veterinarians Conference

Presentation, “Behavioral and physiological effects of trauma on psittacines” Co-author with G.A. Bradshaw and P.G. Greene Linden

Monterey, CA

August 2005

University Clinic, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen

Half Day workshop, “Relational neurobiology of borderline personality disorders: Etiology and treatment.”

Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2005

Danish Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Two Day Workshop, “The emotional and neurological development of children and the impact on clinical practice”.

Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2005

CONFER presents Professor Allan Schore

Two Day Intensive workshop, The repair of the self: Psychotherapy for the 21st century.

London, England

September 2005

WPF Counselling and Psychotherapy

Invited Lecture, "Neurobiology of transference-countertransference: Recent advances and clinical implications."

London, England

September 2005

Jung Institute of San Francisco, Conference, “Soul’s Body: Archetypal Defenses, Affect Regulation and Healing From Trauma,”

Co-presenter with Donald Kalsched, Ph.D, Joan Chodorow, Ph.D., Tina Stromstead, Ph.D., And Marion Woodman, Ph.D. Address, “Implications of recent advances in affective neuroscience for Jungian psychotherapists”

San Francisco, CA

September 2005

Dean Medical Center

Two Day Workshop, “Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self”

Madison, WI

October 2005

Minnesota State Psychological Association and the Twin Cities Society of Psychoanalytic Studies Chapter of Division 39 of the American Psychological Association

Two Day Workshop, Hardwired to Connect: The Developing Brain & Implications for Psychotherapeutic Treatment.”

Minneapolis, MN

October 2005

13th Annual Santa Fe Symposia, New England Educational Institute

3 Day Program “Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self”

Sante Fe, NM

October 2005

Oregon State Psychological Association Meeting

One Day Workshop “Recent advances in neuroscience, attachment theory, and traumatology: Implications for psychotherapists"

Portland, OR

December 2005

Oregon Psychoanalytic Center

Invited Address “The roles of attachment trauma and early brain development in the etiology of borderline personality disorder."

Portland, OR

December 2005

Oregon Health Sciences University

Presentation to Pediatrics staff

Portland, OR

December 2005