Dr. Allan N. Schore


Over the last two decades Dr. Schore's interdisciplinary studies have been directed towards integrating psychological and biological models of emotional and social development across the lifespan. His contributions provide a substantial amount of research and clinical evidence which supports the proposition that the early developing, emotion-processing right brain represents the psychobiological substrate of the human unconscious described by Freud. His work has been an important catalyst in the ongoing “emotional revolution” now occurring across all clinical and scientific disciplines.

Dr. Schore's activities as a clinician-scientist span from his generating interpersonal neurobiological models of the enduring impact of early attachment trauma on brain development, to theoretical developmental psychoanalytic conceptions of the early origins of the human unconscious mind, to neuroimaging research on the neurobiology of attachment and studies of borderline personality disorder, to his biological studies of relational trauma in wild elephants, and to his practice of psychotherapy over the last 4 decades, He leads Study Groups in Developmental Affective Neuroscience & Clinical Practice in Los Angeles, Seattle-Portland-Vancouver, and Boulder, and lectures internationally.

Dr. Schore is past Editor of the acclaimed Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology, and a reviewer or on the editorial staff of more than 40 journals across a number of scientific and clinical disciplines. He is a member of the Society of Neuroscience, and of the American Psychological Association's Divisions of Neuropsychology, and of Psychoanalysis. He has received a number of honors for his work, including an Award for Outstanding Contributions to Practice in Trauma Psychology from the Division of Trauma Psychology and the Scientific Award from the Division of Psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association, Honorary Membership by the American Psychoanalytic Association, and the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center Award for outstanding contributions to Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Dr. Schore has delivered a plenary address, The Paradigm Shift: The Right Brain and the Relational Unconscious, to the 2009 Convention of the American Psychological Association.